Future scent

When the past influences you and time is not lineair, what about the future? Is your future already present?

“The past stays on you the way powdered sugar stays on your fingers. 

Some people can get rid of it, but it’s still there, the events and things that pushed you to where you are now.”

From The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

So true… and not only for this life’s past.
As somebody who can recall many past lifetimes and has one so to speak ‘alive and present’ in every day life, I experience this vividly. For me, as somebody with two personalities (one the woman I was born as now and two my personality as the man I already lived before, back in the thirteenth century), the past is even more present than with most other people.

It’s all in the energy field. Whenever things match, when the same themes come up, the vibration of past personalities can be triggered. They resonate with the one you have now and their stories can influence events that happen in your life.

But what about the future? Of this life, and even of lives still to come.

If lineair time doesn’t exist, perhaps the future is here right now too. Maybe if the past is like powdered sugar, the future is like a fleeting scent, not dense enough to manifest yet, but there to perceive, to envision, to marvel in. 

Pay attention to these future aromas, because they hold the promise of dreams. Smell them, inhale them deeply and refine them like a true perfumer. It’s yours to create. 

What does your perfume of the future smell like? 

By the way, The Night Circus is highly recommended, as is Erin Morgenstern’s latest book, The starless sea. https://erinmorgenstern.com

Auteur: Danielle Pasma

Ik ben schrijver. Als Twospirit en Avonturier in The Big Adventure of Lifetimes ervaar ik het leven als intens, uitdagend en wonderbaarlijk. Ik schrijf blogs, artikelen, verhalen, non-fictie en romans. Mijn roman Rode handen is rauw, ruig en prikkelend. Deel twee van deze trilogie, Rode draden is op 13 juli 2019 verschenen. Momenteel werk ik aan deel 3: Rood bloed.

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